Bolivia (HN)

Corroico Nor Yngas, Bolivia was founded in June 1962 from Bordentown, NJ.

Sisters of Corroico Nor Yngas, Bolivia, 2014

Corroico Nor Yngas, Bolivia

Brazil (HN)

Anapolis, Goias, Brazil was founded in 1963 by the New York Monastery. In 1987 the last American

Sisters left and this is now an independent monastery.

Founding Sisters, Anapolis, Goias, Brazil, 1963

Guatemala (MMB)

The Huehuetenango, Guatemala Monastery was Founded in November 30, 1981 from Memphis, Tennessee Monastery.

The Sisters of Huehuetenango with guests.

The Huehuetenango Monastery

Japan (HN)

Kiry-shi, Guma-Ken, Japan was the first monastery established outside of the U.S. by one of our federation monasteries and was founded in 1961 from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Sisters of Kiry-shi, Guma-Ken, Japan, 2014

South Korea – Jeju Island (MMB)

Jeju Island, Korea was founded in 1972 from Minneapolis, MN.

The Sisters of Jeju Island

The Jeju Island Monastery

Yangyang, South Korea (MMB)

Yangyang, South Korea was founded in 2001 from Jeju Island, South Korea.

The Sisters of Yangyang

The YangYang Monastery